MSB handles civil law litigation and manages complex legal disputes in a variety of areas, including contracts and property, real estate, banking law, corporate law and securities, corporate law and corporate disputes, arbitration, libel and privacy, tender law, insolvency and bankruptcy, Inheritance and estate law, and more. MSB also handles litigation in the field of public law, including petitions submitted to the Administrative Court and petitions to the High Court of Justice.

The experience of Adv. Matzkin and Adv. Shapira Bar-Or in the Supreme Court, which sits in public petitions as the High Court of Justice and is the supreme appeal court in Israel, gave them the unique professional skills and abilities required in appeals proceedings and petitions against decisions of public bodies.

In addition, Adv. Matzkin and Shapira Bar-Or accumulated extensive experience and professional knowledge in the field of arbitration law, including the discussion of the transfer of disputes to arbitration, approval and validity of arbitral awards and conflict of law rules in international arbitration.

MSB also provides an opinion on Israeli law to foreign companies and for legal proceedings. MSB office also represents class actions and complex high-profile, including economic and consumer areas, including claims in securities, antitrust, telecommunications and more.