Shapira Bar-Or & Co. was founded in 2015 by Adv. Elran Shapira Bar-Or.

ESB offers its clients legal services, with an emphasis on representation in the courts and the provision of legal services in the fields of civil law and public law, at the highest quality and without compromises. All this is done with the full cooperation of the client, from the planning stage and the strategy, and in each and every stage of the portfolio management.

ESB is involved in representing clients in high profile litigation cases in courts and arbitrations and in hearings before public authorities and committees.

Attorney Shapira Bar-Or, who worked in the Israeli legal system in various courts, including the Supreme Court, have accumulated extensive experience and extensive familiarity with the manner in which judicial decisions are made. This experience and familiarity are a significant component of ESB’s ability to bring the customer’s business to an optimal solution.

In addition to their practical experience, ESB’s lawyers have rich academic knowledge and unique expertise in a variety of legal fields, including arbitration, restitution and unjust enrichment law, contract law, inheritance, intellectual property, and more. This knowledge helps greatly in advancing the interests of the firm’s clients, specifically in the Israeli legal system, where there is much room for innovation and a willingness on the part of judges to shape the law according to broad policy considerations.